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Change sucks!  Change is good!  There are people on both sides of the argument.  One of my favorite Leadership authors is John Maxwell.  He says, “People change when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, or receive enough that they are able to.”  I believe that!

But regardless if you hurt, learn or receive enough, change looks differently for different people.  I’ve known people to make big swooping changes all at once and I’ve known people to make small “baby steps” towards change.  Regardless of how fast or slow changes comes, you will change or change will happen to you.

Sometimes though, the issue isn’t “do I need to change” but, “how do I go about the process of change?”  This is different.  This requires more than a desire to change, but the know how to change.  The worst thing is knowing you need to change, but not being able to get “there from here.”

A while back I learned a strategy to help initiate the steps of change.  I would like to share the strategy with you in this article.  The strategy is simple: identify the need or change, describe the current situation, then the change you would like to see, then systematically list the steps that you need to take to get you from the current situation to the change.  For the sake of sharing the strategy, I will use the topic of creating a Bug Out Bag (BOB).

The Change (need): After the many different natural disasters; hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes, the last derecho, I feel the need to create a 72 hour bug out bag.

Current Situation: Although I might have some items that could go into the BOB, they are spread out throughout the house.  I also need to purchase other items.

The Change I Would Like to See: I would like to have a 72 hour BOB that is ready to go at all times and will sustain me for 3 days in the case that I have to leave my house in an emergency.

Steps to Take:

1. Do some research about BOB’s.

2. Gather Clothes – Min. 3 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts and 3 pairs of socks.  Clothes need to be switched out with the season.

3. Gather Food – 3 granola bars, 3600 Datrex bar, beef jerkey (needs to be rotated out), foil packed tuna, etc…  The important thing to remember here is are you going to a place that will have modern conveniences or surviving out in the wild?  If you are bugging out because of a fire, you could stay at a hotel where you can get food, etc…  If things are more severe, you might need to have access to a better supply of food and water.  These things should be considered in your bugout plan.

4. Gather Gear – Several means to make fire; lighter and fire steel, knife, water containers, cordage and pancho.

5. Acquire a backpack.  Make sure you do some research here.  This will be an important piece to your BOB.

6. Gather First Aid Items – Put together a basic first-aid kit.  Keep some of your prescription meds close by too.

7. Important Documents – Make copies of your important documents or scan them digitally and keep them on a flash drive.

8. Put the BOB together and place in a place that is easy to get to, but out of sight from prying eyes.

As you can see, approaching change, projects or situations this way breaks everything down into baby steps that are easier to manage.  Change is always more manageable in smaller steps.

To Recap the Steps:

  • Identify the Change
  • State the Current Situation
  • State the Desired Situation
  • List the Steps to get from your Current Situation to the Desired Situation (Be Specific and Thorough)
  • Take Steps Towards Your Desired Situation/Change

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