The Prepper Letters: Making a Plan So You’re Not Overwhelmed!

TPL-PlanThe Prepper Letters is a series of letters (emails) that are sent between Aunt Sally and Julie. The emails discuss matters of preparedness.  To read past letters, click here.

To: sallyjoeTX@******.com

From: julie79@*****.com

Subject: Feeling a Little Overwhelmed


Hi Aunt Sally,

Wow!  That Open Letter to Family and Friends makes a lot of sense.  It makes being prepared feel more like common sense than a bunch of kooky stuff like you normally hear about.

I shared it with Scott.  At first he didn’t want to read it, but I asked him to do it for me.  After he finished, he started clicking on some of the links and and found a ton of resources.  But it is kind of overwhelming.

It seems like we are behind the eight ball and need to get all this “stuff.”  There is no way that we can get fully prepared like some websites say you should be.  Not to mention that it would cost a lot of money to purchase all that stuff.

Aunt Sally, let me ask you flat out, are you a prepper? I kind of gather that you are.  If so, when and how did you start?  I’m going to need a little advice here because I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.




To:  julie79@*****.com

From: sallyjoeTX@******.com

Subject: Feeling a Little Overwhelmed



The last thing I want for you and Scott is to feel overwhelmed.  Remember, I don’t want you approach all of this from a perspective of fear.  Fear will cause you to make bad decisions.

Yes, I guess you can consider me a prepper.  However, most of the stuff that preppers talk about is just common sense.  Your grandparents were preppers way before the term was ever invented.  As a little girl, your mother and I helped your grandmother, our mother, can and preserve food.  Your grandfather always had a garden and we always had fresh eggs from the chickens.  Back then, people just made good decisions and knew that they had to prepare for winter or for times when things wouldn’t go so well.  Remember, the Great Depression was fresh on your grandparent’s minds.  We lived frugally, but we were happy.  Maybe happier than people who have all this “stuff.”

Here’s what you need to do.  Don’t go out and buy a bunch of “stuff.”  That would be a bad move.  What you need to do is make a plan.  You need a plan that is specific for you and Scott, one that fits your needs.  This plan will shift from time to time, depending on your needs, but it is good to come from a point of “knowing what you need” vs “guessing what you need.”

I am linking to some articles here that will help point you in the right direction to get you and Scott thinking about making a plan.  And remember, I’m only a phone call or email away to help with anything.


I love you.

Aunt Sally


About: The Prepper Letters is a series of letters (emails) that are sent between Aunt Sally and Julie. The emails discuss matters of preparedness.  To read past letters, click here.

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