The Prepper Tool That You’re Not Using!


Imagine someone gave you a tool that would greatly help you in your preparedness.  All you need to do is learn how to work it.  If you took a few minutes of your time to understand it and work with it, it would pay off significantly!  Would you take that time?  Would you figure it out?  Well, you do have a very powerful tool!  And you are more than likely not taking advantage of this prepper tool!  Let me explain.

I’m going to start off talking about my pre-prepper days.  I’m in education.  When I transitioned from the classroom to the Instructional Specialist position, I put in a lot of hours and time trying to prove to my administrators that I had what it took to become a leader.  After long hours, I started to… the only way that I can explain it is, I felt “thin,” like I was being stretched.

I was putting a lot out, but I wasn’t putting anything in.  Because I have done a lot of leadership development, outside of the education setting, I knew this wasn’t a good place and that I needed to start putting new ideas and fresh insights into my mind.

Because I like technology, I started looking into using RSS readers and podcasts to start reading articles and listening to shows that were providing new and fresh ideas in education, technology, and leadership.

Benefits of Purposeful Growth

Something happened!  I started feeling energized.  At work, I started seeing things with fresh perspectives, trying new things out and providing good ideas to others.  I saw the benefit of purposefully planning my personal development.  You can’t stay stagnant.  You need to always grow yourself!

When I started in preparedness, I implemented the same approach.  I started reading, listening and watching prepper related articles, podcast and Youtube channels.  It wasn’t long before I realized that there was a need for one central location that could link to all the great preparedness content out there. That’s when Prepper Website was born!

I still read, listen and watch prepper related articles, podcasts and Youtube channels!  But I also read, listen and watch articles, podcasts and Youtube channels that are not prepper related.  I also listen to audiobooks.  In fact, all of this is my primary means of entertainment, as well as learning.  I could probably get rid of the TV if it weren’t for the stupid Hallmark channel.  Don’t tell my wife I said that! 😉

The point is that you need to be purposeful about your growth, preparedness, and other areas too!  You already visit Prepper Website and navigate the internet.  More than likely you are watching Youtube videos too.  But the tool that you are most likely not utilizing is podcasts!

A Prepper Tool for Everyone

If you drive to work, workout, run, walk the dog or just have the radio on in the house during the day, you can listen to podcasts.

Technology has increased so much that it is so easy to bring up a podcast on your phone and listen to it.  In fact, you can set it to where it downloads automatically, and it just appears.  You can listen to it and then delete it from your phone to save space!

If you are going to start listening to podcasts, you’ll need an APP.  There are many good APPS out there for Android phones.  I use Pocket Cast.  It cost $3.99, but it is worth it!  Before Pocket Cast, I used Beyond Pod.  Stitcher also has a good APP that you can download for free.  iPhone and Ipad users have iTunes that will download podcasts.

Most of these APPS have a search function that you can just type in the name of a podcast or just a topic.  If a podcast you’re looking for doesn’t show up, you’ll have to get the RSS feed, usually displayed on the podcast’s website, to add to your podcast APP.  But it is very simple!

If you are looking for podcasts to follow, I listed the podcasts that I have in my APP, along with some other notable podcasts here.

Get That APP!

Check out this video on the Pocket Cast APP.


Here are some other links to videos that show you other podcast APPS

Final Thoughts

If you have time where you can put in some earphones or listen in your vehicle, you have the opportunity to add some real beneficial ideas and information to your mind.  Remember, there are podcasts on every topic imaginable!  There is something for you.

Do you already listen to podcasts?  Please share some of your favorite prepper and non-prepper podcasts in the comments below.



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