This Is Getting Ridiculous! Prepper Origami?


Ok…Ok… Here me out!

Yes, the Prepper Community gets a lot of weird stuff that comes our way.  Marketers see a niche and they go for it with gusto.  It’s just a matter of time before someone comes out with a prepper or “tactical” broom.

But I’m not trying to take something out there in the world and force it to apply to the Prepper Community to market something.  I simply have an idea that might help you if you were ever in need.

We learn skills (foraging, fire craft, water purification, shelter building),  because we know they will serve us well.  What if you had the skill of origami?  No, I’m not suggesting you start making paper dragons.  In fact, I’m only suggesting you learn one…the paper cup.

Yes, I might be stretching it, but what if you were in a situation where you didn’t have a cup, canteen or thermos and you needed to hold water?  You could use your hands, but you could be dirty or there might be so little precious H20 that you don’t want to risk it going through your fingers.

In all honesty, I would first scavenge for a plastic bottle or something else I could use.  But if all else failed, if I had a piece of paper, I could make a paper cup.  And the bigger the paper, the bigger the cup.

This short video tutorial walks you through how to make a paper cup.  It is so simple.



Just to make sure you realize I haven’t lost my mind here or over on Prepper Website, I would always suggest that you carry around some sort of container.  For your BOB, the wide mouth Kleen Kanteen will work nicely.  You can boil water in the Kleen Kanteen if you need to.  You could also go with a steel Military type canteen with a cup.  Or if you want plastic, a Nalgene water bottle works.  And don’t forget that you should have some tinfoil in your Altoids Tin.  You can make a quick cup out of that too.

Even if you never use a paper cup as a prepper, it might be a cool trick to wow your kids or grandkids.  Who knows, you might get creative and make the perfect reusable paper cup that you can boil water in for survival.  If you do, cut me in please!



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