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This summer (2014), Prepper Website hit a sort of milestone.  The actual day past me up, but somewhere between droughts, earthquakes, CME’s, war, terrorism and financial collapse, PW linked to its 10,000 article!  When you take into account that I post many of the best articles on preparedness, that’s a lot of great content that the Prepper Community is putting out!

In celebration of this milestone, I decided to look back at the articles that generated the most traffic and share them again with you.  They are as relevant now as they were then.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Top 10 Prepper Website Posts of All  Time are:

  1. Survival Communications on the Cheap…or…How I put together a HAM radio setup for less than $120.00 that allows me to talk with other HAMS hundreds of miles away. – The Survivalist Blog.
  2. 30 Survival Tips From Les Stroud – Prepare4survival
  3. Sugardine, an Easy to Use, Homemade Antiseptic – Preparedness Advice Blog
  4. 8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Preparedness Knowledge – Food Storage & Survival
  5. VID:Quick Tip — Easy Way To Delimb A Pole – Reality Survival – Youtube
  6. 3 Ways to PROTECT Your Family in the Future – Ed that Matters
  7. Baby Steps: Have to Evacuate? Take Your Info Along – Emergency Essentials – Be Prepared
  8. Sorry to Get Your Panties in a Wad, But This Has to Be Said. **WARNING – Contains Graphic Images** – Whole New Mom
  9. We’re Living Within A Money Bubble of Epic Proportion – Peak Prosperity
  10. VID: Here is how to find a survival water source in vines – Survival Common Sense

Now, I believe that a lot goes into how many times an article gets viewed on Prepper Website.  For instance, if I only link to 6 articles, there is less of the “new posts” to choose from.  So, there are many GREAT articles that didn’t make the list.  I’m working on another way to highlight those! 🙂

I also want to share some of the top internal Prepper Website pages and posts.  These range from The Featured Website of the Month to a product or book review.  Here are the Top 3.

  1. Prepping for the Beginner – List of links/articles
  2. Page 2 News – Feeds from news sources on: collapse, precious metals, liberty movement, 2nd ammendment, war, Middle East, etc…
  3. An Open Letter to Family & Friends

And lastly, the Top 5 Preparedness Websites that have the most “click outs,” meaning readers have clicked over to their articles are:

  1. SHTFPlan
  2. Backdoor Survival
  3. The Survivalist Blog
  4. Modern Survival Blog
  5. Graywolf Survival

I’m sure over time, these articles and websites will change. I look forward to many more years of providing great content to the Preparedness Community!



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