GRAPHIC: USA vs North Korea – Military Comparison

With “Rocket Man” getting bolder and North Korea’s missiles getting better with each launch, I have seen more concern about the possibilities of Nuclear War.  We recently published an article entitled, “Nuclear Attack Strategies: Knowing How They Think Is Half the Battle,” that gives some insight into the possible “thinking” behind North Korea’s and other nations nuclear weapon’s stockpile.  But the concern still remains.  It would be helpful to see a visual military comparison.

This Infographic, provided by Hunting Mark, compares the military of the United States vs. North Korea.  It is a good visual of where the two countries stand militarily.

– Todd

The USA vs North Korea



This strategy involves a weak opponent challenging a stronger opponent, hence the name ‘asymmetric’ meaning ‘unequal’. The idea is for the smaller country to intentionally escalate a conflict to the point that they use a small (maybe battlefield) nuclear weapon in apparent defense of their country or interests against the larger “aggressor”. Ideally, the smaller country could destroy a carrier group or remote island military base as an example of their willingness to use their weapons. Then, they hold their larger weapons in reserve and tell the larger country and the world, “you might destroy us, but we will make sure and take out one or more of your major cities”. The smaller country hopes that the larger country will not be willing to sacrifice millions of their citizens to take out a small country (or dictator). So, the larger country reaches a stalemate with the smaller country. This strategy becomes even more effective if the smaller country can locate their limited warhead inventory onto ships, submarines or even smuggle them into the larger country.





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9 thoughts on “GRAPHIC: USA vs North Korea – Military Comparison

  1. Kris

    I am finding the US number of 120,000,000 “fit for service” to be way to high… The total population is only 323,000,000. Take out those too old and young. Now take out more than two thirds of what is left because those people are obese (not fit for service) and then remove those who have medical problems and you are left with a much smaller number, probably much closer to what Korea has. With their reserves being much higher, I think that if they struck hard enough and fast enough (no warning to the US, no time to train new people) and got troops on the ground before we recovered from the EMPs, they could definitely beat the odds. The graphic is a good starting point, but numbers don’t always win wars – strategy is an important aspect as well.

    1. glenn dupuis

      Let me remind people of Vietnam in particular.There were many that were eligible for service and left.Taking a count is redundant as many won’t fight,and many will be a problem here such as ANTIFA and BLM.

  2. Straz


    A lot depends on your definition of “Fit for Service”. If you are referring to front line shooters, the number for both countries is significantly lower. If, however, you consider the 30 year old US semi-obese civilian – that person fills the role (cook, supply, personnel management,etc. positions) currently held by an actually “fit to serve” active or reserve, shooter trained person.

    Also, note the physical condition of the recent NK defector – body riddled with parasites and malnourished. NK gives food preference to their active military – so imagine the physical condition of their reserve “Fit for Service” population.

    When you also consider the force multipliers in play with US Troop training and equipment, I think that there is really no comparison. US boots on the ground win hands down.

  3. Heartless

    Mr. Sepulveda, a good dataset you present. One glaring issue is that NK has those military resources there – in North Korea – right now. Granted we’ve the what?… 3 carrier groups? and all those new personnel recently sent; along with, all those already there in SK and along the DMZ. But, again – NK would be fighting on their own turf. Add in that the capital of SK is within standard artillery range of NK……. and the little dog syndrome (corner any mutt and it’ll come out biting) is reaching an unparalleled level, I’d dare say there would be no clear winner in a war should it break out. At least not immediately. Too, we’re talking nuclear weapons now aren’t we? Possible EMP threat to our country as well. We might win an exchange and reduce NK to a glass-lined bowl; but, the odds on the USA getting off unscathed are low. I’m not saying that we should continue appeasing NK or allowing the moron in charge to continue his insane path. But? The correct course of action? I will admit what I wish all would – ‘I don’t know’.

  4. Methane

    Fit to fight? I’m retired and would come back to provide training to new recruits. Old and overweight and probably can’t run even one mile now. But, my knowledge and hands on skills would be helpful. I’m sure a lot of men would return if asked to preserve our way of life!

  5. Bubba

    If NK did invade by the time the U.S. military got to the scene there would
    be nothing left but dead NK’s, beer cans and four wheel drive tracks.
    There’s more guns in the state of Texas than all of little North Korea.

  6. vocalpatriot

    “you might destroy us, but we will make sure and take out one or more of your major cities”.
    To which I would say “ok, seems fair. shall we begin?”

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