GRAPHIC: USA vs North Korea – Military Comparison

With “Rocket Man” getting bolder and North Korea’s missiles getting better with each launch, I have seen more concern about the possibilities of Nuclear War.  We recently published an article entitled, “Nuclear Attack Strategies: Knowing How They Think Is Half the Battle,” that gives some insight into the possible “thinking” behind North Korea’s and other nations nuclear weapon’s stockpile.  But the concern still remains.  It would be helpful to see a visual military comparison.

This Infographic, provided by Hunting Mark, compares the military of the United States vs. North Korea.  It is a good visual of where the two countries stand militarily.

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The USA vs North Korea



This strategy involves a weak opponent challenging a stronger opponent, hence the name ‘asymmetric’ meaning ‘unequal’. The idea is for the smaller country to intentionally escalate a conflict to the point that they use a small (maybe battlefield) nuclear weapon in apparent defense of their country or interests against the larger “aggressor”. Ideally, the smaller country could destroy a carrier group or remote island military base as an example of their willingness to use their weapons. Then, they hold their larger weapons in reserve and tell the larger country and the world, “you might destroy us, but we will make sure and take out one or more of your major cities”. The smaller country hopes that the larger country will not be willing to sacrifice millions of their citizens to take out a small country (or dictator). So, the larger country reaches a stalemate with the smaller country. This strategy becomes even more effective if the smaller country can locate their limited warhead inventory onto ships, submarines or even smuggle them into the larger country.





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