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I have some great memories from eating MRE’s!  Back when my dad owned property in Palestine, Texas, he left cases of MRE’s up there for us to have in case of an emergency.  Sometimes, that emergency was that mom didn’t go up there with us to help cook. 😉

As a kid, it was cool to open up all the green cans and packages to reveal the “emergency food.”  I still remember how dense the pound cake was, the peanut butter (that didn’t taste or smell like Peter Pan Peanut Butter) and the crackers.  I also remember the Tang (or Tang-like substance) that was included and all the other condiments that you would get when you opened up the rectangular package.

All those memories came flooding back to me this last week when I received an email from Mark.  He shared his experience of being ripped off on an MRE purchase.


Todd I have some information for the preppers. This is something I ran into when buying MRE’S.

About a year ago I bought 6 cases of MRE’S and checked the contents. Well they were stripped out by whoever got them and was charging people FULL PRICE for stripped out  cases of foods.

The condiments were missing . The extras that are in them from the forks knives (plastic) to toilet paper can opener,salt/pepper,and all the little extras that are packed had all been taken out by Someone.

Things Missing

Side Dish
Desert snack
Toilet paper
Cheese peanut butter and jelly
Instant coffee and tea
Beverage mix bag
Accessory pack
Chewing gum
Water resistant matches
Napkin / toilet paper
Moist towelette
Seasonings, including salt, black pepper,sugar, creamer, Tabasco sauce.

So be sure that anyone buying MRE’S get the address and telephone numbers BEFORE ordering and someone’s name.
It is  shame to pay anywhere from  $65-80 dollars a case of MRE’S and getting ripped off.


I agree with Mark, it is a shame to purchase MRE’s to find out that they are not complete.  Fortunately, he noticed this before he NEEDED them.  I would suggest purchasing your MRE’s from a reliable retailer.  You can visit the homepage of Prepper Website to find many retailers who won’t take advantage of you!



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18 thoughts on “Warning About MRE’s

  1. Last Paratrooper

    Don’t forget to mention to check expiration dates on the cases and the most important fact is they must be kept frozen until needed. Otherwise they will spoil in a few months in hot weather!

    1. Rick

      I never had that problem, Keep them over a 2-3 yrs. Never had any spoil, Never froze them. That defeats the whole purpose of MRE’s. Going from C-rats to MRE’s took a little getting use to.

    2. JDBushcraft

      Never freeze MREs. The bags are multi layered and not designed to be frozen. The layers expand and contract at different rates as they are different materials. Also, MREs don’t have expiration dates. They have a manufacture date.

  2. Last Paratrooper

    I am throwing away ALL my MRE’s and buying freeze dried foods with a 25 year shelf life. Only potable water needed!

  3. JB Francis

    Also, for those of you who do not freeze your MREs, look for an oragne square on the outside of the carton. If it’s on there, look for a small black dot in the middle of the square. That is a heat/moisture indicator. If you have a small dot or even a ring, your good. If you have a large dot or the entire dot is full, you still may be ok, but be wary of the thinkgs that would spoil first – chicken and pork and the cheeses (not sure about the jalpanio cheese, but I would toss ot the bacon cheese…)
    If you never heard of the bacon cheese – your MREs are very old. If you still have Omelett with ham, encase them in glass and use as a museum piece (I bet some one would buy it!!) then throw all the MREs in that case away – you’re gonna kill someone!
    I eat MREs a lot – and they have value IF your going to be walking/hikeing long distances, fighting bears/alligators, or building a castle. For preppers who are going to be sitting in place – they just aren’t worth it. I can get them for free, and I have non at home – too many other options out there that serve my needs better, even at my low price… and no, I will not send them your way…

  4. Blacksheep

    I avoid commercially processed foods when ever I can. I have an issue with the flavor enhancers disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate. They make me very sick with intestinal pain, bloating, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. These chemicals are in every MRE that contains meat or meat flavor gravy. Freeze dried meats, entrees with meat as an ingredient and meat substitutes (TVP) also contain these chemicals. Many people have symptoms of intestinal problems because they eat foods containing these chemicals and don’t know the cause. I grow most of my own food including our pork and lamb. Almost everything is home canned. I hope no one else out there has to be as careful about reading labels as I do but this is something people need to be aware of in preparation for when SHTF.

  5. Linda Ferrell

    The same exact thing happened to us!! Nothing but the packaged food, all the “extras” were not there 🙁

    1. JDBushcraft

      You have to be certain of what you are buying. Many venders sell Entrée only cases. Did you only get 12 meals? If you got more than12 you bought a case of entrees. If you only got 12 for $60ish you got hosed

  6. dtkz

    We use MRE’s a lot. They are left in our command and control vehicles for over a year before they get used.

    Unopened MRE cases do not go bad….they expire and then they just lose their nutritional value according to a military health official.

    1. Geo

      Thank you.. See from my experience they do not go bad either. I keep about 6 of them in my vehicle in the Nevada heat for about a year before I rotate them out, and I have never had one go bad. Sometimes the hot sauce in them will dry up but the food is perfectly good. I eat the old ones as I rotate them out.

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  8. Sean

    Aren’t the extras inside of a large sealed pouch? Seems like the difference between full pouches and slim boxed entrees ONLY should be readily apparent.

  9. John Stiles

    When you ordered your MREs you likely used a credit card or debit card. Go to the bank and challenge the charges. The seller will either have to make good or take a loss for the entire amount, and you get your entire purchase price returned.

  10. Andrew

    I’ve tried MRE’s, and didn’t like them…
    With only about a 5 year life span, it seems senseless to buy them to stock up on them.
    I found Thrive Life Foods (flash-frozen, freeze-dried), and after a LOT or research, became a consultant.
    See for yourself:
    Quit wasting money on garbage…

  11. Chris Rakes

    For all the info I can get on MRE s you do NOT freeze them. If you do you will break down their seals, and degrade the food.
    All notices for storage. Says to store from 68 to 72 degrees. Though some cooler temps won’t hurt, freezing is not advisable
    Another thing the author and the letter, talks about thing that have not been in “MRE” for about 40 years. Remember some MRE s are packed to meet civilian regs. It is not legal to sell military MRE s. Be aware what you are buying

  12. Michael Johnke

    Bogus article, some of item’s were never in MRE’S. Sorry no Can opener for MRE’S, No Pepper ever, Knife/fork. Nope, not in Military issue just a spoon.

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