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I have some great memories from eating MRE’s!  Back when my dad owned property in Palestine, Texas, he left cases of MRE’s up there for us to have in case of an emergency.  Sometimes, that emergency was that mom didn’t go up there with us to help cook. 😉

As a kid, it was cool to open up all the green cans and packages to reveal the “emergency food.”  I still remember how dense the pound cake was, the peanut butter (that didn’t taste or smell like Peter Pan Peanut Butter) and the crackers.  I also remember the Tang (or Tang-like substance) that was included and all the other condiments that you would get when you opened up the rectangular package.

All those memories came flooding back to me this last week when I received an email from Mark.  He shared his experience of being ripped off on an MRE purchase.


Todd I have some information for the preppers. This is something I ran into when buying MRE’S.

About a year ago I bought 6 cases of MRE’S and checked the contents. Well they were stripped out by whoever got them and was charging people FULL PRICE for stripped out  cases of foods.

The condiments were missing . The extras that are in them from the forks knives (plastic) to toilet paper can opener,salt/pepper,and all the little extras that are packed had all been taken out by Someone.

Things Missing

Side Dish
Desert snack
Toilet paper
Cheese peanut butter and jelly
Instant coffee and tea
Beverage mix bag
Accessory pack
Chewing gum
Water resistant matches
Napkin / toilet paper
Moist towelette
Seasonings, including salt, black pepper,sugar, creamer, Tabasco sauce.

So be sure that anyone buying MRE’S get the address and telephone numbers BEFORE ordering and someone’s name.
It is  shame to pay anywhere from  $65-80 dollars a case of MRE’S and getting ripped off.


I agree with Mark, it is a shame to purchase MRE’s to find out that they are not complete.  Fortunately, he noticed this before he NEEDED them.  I would suggest purchasing your MRE’s from a reliable retailer.  You can visit the homepage of Prepper Website to find many retailers who won’t take advantage of you!



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