WARNING: Doctors & Data O.M.G.osh!

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Aren’t you a little fed up with all the data collection yet? Information is coming out all the time now about a piece of data that they gather on you here and a piece that they gather there.  Where do you think it’s all going?  Yeah, I’m preaching to the choir.  I know.

I got to see this data collection first hand when I took my son to get the shots that he needs for the next school year.  You will be amazed at the some of the questions.

Everything was great until the nurse entered the room.  She handed me a clipboard with a questionnaire and asked me to fill it out for my son’s check-up.  I informed her that we were just here for shots.  She replied that it is just for the doctor’s information.  I have never had any reason to question anything up to this point, so I started filling it out.

At first the questions were your typical medical related questions:

  • Does your child have any food, medication or environmental allergies?
  • Has your child required surgery, hospitalization, ER or urgent care visits since his/her last physical/checkup?
  • Has your child ever felt dizzy or passed out during or after exercise?
  • Do you have any concerns about your child’s height, weight or development?

And so on…

But then the questions turned to non-medical and very personal questions:

  • How many minutes of exercise/activity does your child get per day?
  • How many hours of TV, computer, and video game time does your child send a day?
  • Is there a TV, VCR, DVD, video game or computer in child’s bedroom?
  • Do you monitor your child’s online activities and TV watching?
  • Has there been a major change in your life recently due to moving, divorce, remarriage, new job, parent, illness or other stressor?
  • How does your child do in school?  Please circle
  • Do you feel comfortable with your child’s friends?
  • Does your child discuss problem with you?
  • Do you talk to your child about relationships and/or sexuality?
  • Has your child ever been in trouble with school or the law?
  • Do you and your spouse/partner agree on rules?
  • Does anyone in your child’s family have a problem with drugs or alcohol?
  • Does your child or his/her friends use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco?
  • Does your child make bets or gamble?
  • Has your child ever tried to hurt him or herself or tried to commit suicide?
  • Do you or your child often feel sad or alone?
  • Do you or your child often feel stressed, anxious, angry or depressed?
  • Have you or your children ever been hurt, threatened or treated badly?
  • Do you keep handguns, rifles, BB guns, bow and arrows or other weapons in your home?
  • Do you and your child always wear a helmet when riding a bike, motorcycle or ATV, snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing or when rollerblading?
  • Do you have working smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in your home?
  • Was your child or a household member born outside the United States?
  • Has your child or household member traveled outside the United States?
  • Has your child been exposed to anyone with TB disease, or to anyone who has had a positive skin test for TB?
  • Does your child spend time with anyone who works, visits or has been in jail, prison or a homeless shelter, or who uses illegal drugs, or has HIV?


I stopped filling it out after the medical questions and started reading the rest of them. I had a nasty feeling inside.  When the nurse came in, I asked her, “what happens if I don’t feel comfortable filling out this questionnaire?”  She basically said it wasn’t a big deal, just info. for the doctor.  She put out her hand and told me that she could take it if I didn’t want to fill it out, but I told her that I wanted to look over the questions and talk it over with my wife.

When the doctor came in, he shook our hands like always, sat down on his stool and started asking us questions.  At first I thought he was just being socialable and was making small talk.  But then I noticed he was typing into his laptop after each answer.  The questions:

  • What grade are you going into this next year?
  • How are your grades?  Are you making A’s and B’s?
  • How is your conduct?

I stopped him right there…  I said, “Dr. ___, we’ve been coming here a long time. I respect you, but I don’t appreciate all these questions.  They don’t seem to have anything to do with getting shots.  I prefer not to answer them.”  He shifted on his stool.  He mentioned that they just don’t give shots, but first perform a check-up.  These questions are part of the check-up.  He mumbled, shifted some more and continued.  The questioning wasn’t so personal anymore, more medical, but he could see that I was not happy.  He asked if my son wore his seatbelt, if we had weapons in the home and told me that I would want to start talking to my son about STD’s, sex, drugs and so forth!


Like I said, we have been going to this Dr. for a while.  I have never had to answer these questions before.  I’m sure it is something new coming from our friends on the East Coast.  But no!

I tend to wear my feelings on my FACE!  So, I’m sure that he didn’t feel comfortable.  When he left the room, he didn’t shake our hands or anything like that.  He just left.

I don’t know what you want to do with this information…or if you even care.  There are many people who answer these type of questions without a single thought.  And, these questions are probably going to continue to be asked in the most simplest of  places.  Answers are recorded and placed in a database and uploaded to WHO KNOWS WHERE! wink wink

What are you going to do when you are asked?

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9 thoughts on “WARNING: Doctors & Data O.M.G.osh!

  1. Chris

    Sounds like their office is taking vested interest in your child’s well-being. I’m all for trying to educate parents and help mold their children to become productive members of society. I understand the idea of personal privacy but I feel the majority of those questions do more harm than good.

  2. Practical Parsimony

    These are the type questions that Henry Ford’s “sociologists” asked before they made home visits. He was all for social control for the good of his workers. There social well being affected his factory. Those were not friendly questions.

  3. The Gray Man

    And all of this highly personal, non-medical information is going into some database that can and, eventually, WILL be hacked?

  4. Tin Man

    They are collecting data to say that someone is mentally disturbed and deny gun ownership whether its a adult or the parent of a child

  5. Catherine

    When I last went to the doctor (20+ years as a patient)some of those questions were starting to be asked. I very politely told them that nothing pertinent had changed since my last visit, why were they asking again. Since a family member works in the office, I knew the reason–Obamacare implementation–and I just didn’t answer them. None of them had anything to do with the reason I was there. I am really glad that I am basically healthy, but some things are none of their business if it is not related to my medical health. And it will stay that way!

  6. JayJay

    You are not savvy or very smart—I would have left, found a new doctor that didn’t take the govt. pay-off to participate in that control program.
    You, yourself said it wasn’t coming from the liberal, east coast.
    Note to self:
    New doctor.

  7. JayJay

    EVERY fact, every answer is thrown into the computer.
    Do you really trust the input by an over-worked nurse, a 20 year old that got in from her date at 3 in the morning?
    I even tell my mildly dementia laden husband that at VA, EVERY answer is documented, even verbal go into a computer to follow you all the days of your life!!
    It’s NOT just busy talk or polite conversation.

    However, as of yet, Gene has not been asked the gun in house question. Go figure!!

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