Popular Online Supplier “Renting” Your Email? You Decide.

I received this from a reader and wanted to pass it along.  I have no way of confirming this since I don’t purchase from Sportsman’s Guide, but I have no reason to believe this reader is not telling me the truth.  Also, his idea on providing a certain apartment number/letter is pretty neat.

Hey Todd, I don’t often join or write to groups about issues but! I have found that the Sportsmans Guide, that I have been using to get supplies and accessories is “renting” their mailing list after saying specifically they do not share. In the current gun control climate I have been trying to keep my gun and ammo purchases on the down low and now am getting mail from every Gun and Hunting outfit out there. I contacted them and they assured me I am removed from the rented list months ago. But continue to get new mail from new groups continually. I added the Apt. SG. after the street address to their form and that is how I track where my mail unsolicited comes from.

Just thought I might mention this to other preppers and Veterans who this administration was quick to list as potential terrorist. I request that everyone who uses Sportsmans Guide to contact them and tell them you are not happy with their practice of “RENTING” their list. The more list you are on the easier it will be to track what weapons they are looking for.

Thanks thought you might want to pass this around as when I do discuss prepping almost every one suggest Sportsmans Guide for one thing or the other. No use preparing for the future if you supplier is leaving a path to your mail box for the Govt. to follow. Not paranoid just cautious. Tom H.

The “email preferences” page on Sportsman Guide states, “Your e-mail address is 100% safe and secure…we will never sell, trade or share it with anyone.”

You can also find more info. on the Privacy Policy page,

Privacy Statement

The Sportsman’s Guide uses your personal information to enhance and improve your customer experience. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with information regarding what we will collect, how such information may be used and the choices available to you regarding the use of your information. In addition, this policy exists to better inform you of your ability to correct or modify the information you have provided us.

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, you may email us at PrivacyOfficer@sportsmansguide.com. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us improve our policies and practices. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to customers in the United States.

What Do You Do With the Information You Collect?

We use personal information to enhance your overall shopping experience by providing you with better customer care. Positive customer identification allows us to contact you and ensure your needs are met and handled appropriately and accurately. All personal information we acquire is provided by each individual customer.

Will The Sportsman’s Guide sell my email address?

No! The Sportsman’s Guide will not sell, trade, share or rent your email address to anyone. We believe that your email address is personal and should be kept that way. We use your email address to provide you with better customer care support, and to update you on Sportsman’s Guide Internet specials that you have requested.

If you purchase from The Sportsman’s Guide, we may share your information with third party catalog companies. Your name, address and details about products you have purchased from us could be shared so that you can receive catalog offers for other products that may interest you. If you would not like us to share your information for this intent, please email us or call 1-800-888-5222.

You can also write us at:
The Sportsman’s Guide
Customer Care
PO Box 239
South St. Paul, MN 55075-0239

Benefits You May Receive by allowing us to keep your personal information on hand include:

  • To process and complete your purchase transactions and provide the services you request
  • To send you catalogs and other offerings to you via the mail and via e-mail – to identify your product and service preferences, so that you can be informed of new or additional products, services, and promotions that might be of interest to you in communications you have requested.
  • To contact you about the status of your orders – you will receive order status updates through e-mail notification, including order and shipping confirmations. You will be able to track the location of your shipment through our online tracking system.
  • To notify you of product recalls or provide other information concerning products you have purchased.
  • To provide a Personal Internet Account- you will be identified every time you log in with your personal customer number so in the future you will save time by not having to submit your information again.
  • To provide invitations to join our Sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • To provide personalized, knowledgeable customer care – our customer service team will be able to assist you promptly and accurately by identifying you and your preferences.
  • To improve our merchandise selections, customer service, and overall customer shopping experience

When you are purchasing age-restricted products you will be asked for your birth date. Whether you choose to provide us with this information is completely voluntary. If, however, you do not choose to provide such information you may not be able to purchase products from us or access certain services and/or portions of our websites.

We also receive information about you from other companies, including, but not limited to information on your creditworthiness for private label credit card offers and products you may be interested in purchasing.

Can I Opt Out of Receiving Further Communications?

Yes. You may withdraw your personal information and stop receiving catalogs and/or e-mail communications at any time. To withdraw your information, email us at custserv@sportsmansguide.com, or write us at:

The Sportsman’s Guide
Customer Care
PO Box 239
South St. Paul, MN 55075-0239

Catalog: Please make sure to provide us with your exact name and address or the mailing label from your catalog so that we can identify you correctly. We will make every effort to implement any choice you make as soon as possible, but you should allow approximately three months for mailing change requests to be fully implemented. Any mailings that you may receive during this time do not reflect your subscription status, and we ask that you please disregard them.

When you are ordering online, it is important that you read all the privacy information from the company you are ordering from if privacy is important for you.  If you have had any experience with this, let me know.



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