We Need Pain

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Pain is good! We need pain!

You might think I’m a little crazy saying this, but track with me – If you are feeling pain, it means that you are alive!  Uh, that’s a good thing!  But, it also means that something is wrong!

Pain is nature’s way of telling us to stop and fix something about ourselves.  The thing is, pain doesn’t have to be just medically related, it can be psychological (emotional and mental) and financial too!

When we feel pain, we usually move to stop it.  For instance, if you touch a hot stove, the pain makes you pull your hand away quickly.  In this example, that is a good move.  But sometimes we move to stop pain and instead of dealing with the real issue, we put a band-aid over the situation.  For example, let’s say you have a headache.  You reach for the Advil or some other headache medicine to deal with it.  But the real issue of why you are feeling pain might be that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water.

So when you are dealing with pain, you need to deal with and focus on the real problem.

When I was in graduate school, one of the classes I took spent some time on “drilling down” to the real issue of problems.  There really isn’t any magic formula.  The real issue comes into focus when you observe, investigate, rule out and observe some more. So to really deal with the true reason for any pain, you need to become an investigator.

Some people choose to use a journal of some type or maybe even a spreadsheet.  The important thing is that you take data.  Some of the questions you might want to ask are:

  • Have I been eating something that is causing….?
  • How much water am I drinking?
  • Am I taking enough or too much of a certain vitamin?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Where am I spending my money?
  • Do I spend more when I use credit cards or cash?
  • Do I get angry when I’m around a certain person?
  • Do I feel better during a certain part of the day?
  • Am I taking time to rest and reflect?
  • Are there things in my life that don’t really produce anything but are taking up a lot of time?

Anyway, you can see where I’m going.  You need to ask the right questions and take time to acquire the right data to figure out what is causing your “pain.”  Again though, you need to take data over time.  Sometimes we can ask questions and assume that we have the true reason.  Taking time to “drill down” to the real reason is key.

And, don’t neglect to get some help from a trusted friend, if you feel comfortable sharing your situation.  Sometimes, others can see things in us that we can’t seem to catch.

When you get some answers, don’t hesitate to REMOVE the thing that is causing you “pain.”  So many times we let pain linger and it feels like another family member (sometimes it really is another family member – LOL).  Learn to say no and get rid of it!

What questions can you add to the above?  Have you used something like this to help diagnose an issue in your life?  Share your thoughts below.


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