What Question Have You Always Wanted to Ask but Never Felt Comfortable? Feedback from the PREPAREDNESS COMMUNITY!


Recently, I put out a questionnaire to ask the Preparedness Community a few questions. The questions were:

  1. What ONE thing do you need help on to FEEL better prepared? Please type your response and feel free to elaborate.
  2. What EMERGENCY is your biggest concern? Feel free to elaborate.
  3. What other type of articles would you like to find/read about in regards to preparedness?
  4. What question have you always wanted to ask but never felt comfortable to ask?


I am grateful for my friends in the Preparedness Community, website and blog owners who made their readers aware of the questionnaire so that we could get a broad range of answers. I wish I could name them all here, but there are many out there who I know promoted the questionnaire.

The goal of the questionnaire was to get feedback so that those of us who own websites and blogs can target some of the questions that preppers might have. My hope is that articles, podcasts and videos will bounce off of this data and ultimately help ALL of us become better prepared.

This last question in the series is telling in that those who answered were offered anonymity.  The fact is, although many of us in the Preparedness Community like to be helpful, there are some places out there that aren’t very friendly.  Newbies or even those who might have a question concerning a specific topic might choose to remain quiet or not ask at all because of the response they might receive.  I myself have experienced this.

The other side of this, and something that I’ve been saying throughout this series, is that there is already a ton of information out there.  Many of the questions below have answers somewhere online.  You can find a lot using the TAG CLOUD on Prepper Website.  But nevertheless, we still need people offering advice and writing articles in new fresh ways and in different perspectives.

If you would like to take a stab at answering some of the questions, feel free to leave your answer in the comment section.  If you are Preparedness Blogger, I would encourage you to take a few of these questions and run with a great article.  If you are a prepper who would like to answer one of these questions, but feel your answer should be written in a post/article instead of a comment, feel free to upload your article at Your Preparedness Story.

I didn’t edit any questions.  I did take out answers that said “I don’t have a question” or something like “I don’t have a problem asking questions.”  I also deleted the blanks.

So here are the questions.

What question have you always wanted to ask but never felt comfortable to ask?

  • How can I be as prepared as posible and not worry about the gov”t confiscating everything ? Also, If there are so many people wanting to help others,why do they all charge so much for everything they offer? wouldn”t it be more helpful to charge less or give things away for free if they really cared about other preppers?
  • Just how many people are actually prepping?
  • What is the best way to deal with criminals and what is acceptable in a teotwawki? Do we go back to hanging horse thieves? Is everything going to be punishable by death in a teotwawki.
  • Do I really want to live in a post whatever world?
  • assisting in child birth after teotwawki
  • Have we forgotten about art and music and poetry and literature? In our survival libraries, let us not forget Bibles and all the things that have linked humans throughout all time. They are part of our survival, our breath, our in-spiration to continue during desperate times. Even in the most isolated places, they connect us with what it means to be human.
  • I’ve never been one for holding back so I don’t question at this time.
  • Checklist of govt actions before martial law.
  • What is the best way to decide who gets to join the group and who does not. I have some friends who would really be an assest, but their spouses would be a drag on the group. Do I just take the good with the bad or not take on either of them?
  • Is there an area in the USA where preppers, patriots, etc. have begun to migrate and settle?
  • Not comfortable asking others about prepping, and building a community with others.
  • Living in the country, with a WORL situation, should we open our gates and let our dogs go hunt for their food? That’s after we have exhausted food stored for them.
  • Will modern moral values survive SHTF?
  • What rescores would be given to a family member you had to expel form mag group.
  • Why so many articles on the philosophy of preparedness, ask yourselves do I care.
  • Why is there so much talk about violence on prepper sites? I don’t think most people will become roving bandits if she.
  • Why do people get fixated one ONE emergency? That’s like buying groceries, but only shopping one aisle. Seems narrow minded to me.
  • How do you decide when it’s time to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of your group
  • not to many questions I’m afraid to ask, just maybe not thinking of what to ask yet as I’m a beginner prepper, help me think of things i haven’t yet thought of
  • How do you prepare for shtf for pets? what about prepardness for mobility restricted people?
  • can the law or goverment stop you from being a prepper
  • what should be your attitude for preparing for a family, while they are not preparing for themselves?
  • I would like some input on how to deal with the emotional stresses of dealing with people that might come knocking and begging for supplies that they failed to stock up on. I have a soft heart and would find it very difficult to turn away a begging mother with children. I hope that my lack of helping others doesn’t put too much emotional stress on me. I hope my decisions will not disappoint Jesus….
  • Are you a Prepper?
  • How can I get my partner more involved. The idea is there, but no actions other than verbal agreement that we need to do something.
  • When you’re poor, how can you get it done when money is so tight?
  • Survival of babies and small children
  • being limited by back pain, what can I do to make my home my shelter?
  • Where to start and how not to get overwhelmed?
  • I’m not really afraid to ask questions, but I feel the firearms community could be more welcoming for beginners. I really dont know much and feel nervous about being criticized for asking a dumb question.
  • Why do so many “preppers” assume that everyone has a choice about where they live, how much they can prepare, and what they can or cannot do? Not everyone is a youngster that is strong and spry with no health issues or family members with health issues. Not everyone has an acre of open land to grow things on. Not everyone is healthy enough for the vigors of tending a large garden.
  • Ways of protection, your family and your home without a gun?
  • How do others plan to share duties within a community while maintaining your own family unit as you see fit?
  • i dislike polititions ,lawyers,bankers ,and business people who dont care but i am a kind person if i had to would i …or should i help them survive ???
  • how do you handle non-preppers who come to your door looking for help, especially with elderly or children
  • human waste disposal
  • I’d love to see a food storage plan without dry milk!
  • How do I keep to myself while surrounded by those who would question me concerning my provisions ?
  • Reasonable storage ideas that still allow your house to be company ready and comfortable. I also want to keep it private, don’t need every acquaintance aware of my supplies.
  • If having to vacated only carring a load on my back wouldnt can goods be to heavy and a waste if energy
  • Where do I start if I want to be a prepper?

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7 thoughts on “What Question Have You Always Wanted to Ask but Never Felt Comfortable? Feedback from the PREPAREDNESS COMMUNITY!

  1. The Wiseman

    I’ve been prepping since Y2K, and I’ve put a lot of thought and money in it.

    I have food for SHTF plus one year, and running water; a gravity-fed oil-fired stove for heat, three years of fuel oil, and a gravity-operated septic system. Of course I have appropriate protection, as well as a hardened house (burglar-resistant windows, excellent locks, reinforced door jams, automatic security lighting, etc. A great many of we Preppers are equally well prepared. The answer to a question that I never see in print, continues to escape me, though and that is, what happens when we eat that last can of Dinty Moore beef stew, and drink the final bottle of water? When all the outrageously-expensive freeze dried food has been used up? When the oil tank runs “empty”? When our boots wear out? When the last twelve-gauge round has been fired at the neighborhood neer-do-well? What then?

  2. Rattlebone

    I also am getting prepared, but to fight the Government people who are going to get of us. Maybe if we all used an hour a day to let the Bad Guys know we are not accepting their tyrannical politics to herd us into camps and destroy us! We need to monitor, expose and “Just Say NO!” to allowing them to control us! They want us to harm each other and there are so many of us they are scared of ONE UNITING IDEA. We have little time, let us choose NOT to go through bad times, and tell them HELL NO!

  3. country lady

    wiseman asked” what to do when the supplies run out”. What I think about is the people that go on the run with three days worth of food, what are they going to do after that. A year supply is good, do you have a place to grow a garden.? beans and rice will keep a long time, buy more. Also my plan is to do what I can and leave the rest to God as he has gotten me out of some tight spots in the past. What else can we do but leave it to God?

    someone asked about how to prepare for pets. We have canned meat , rice ,fat and horse vit for the dogs. of course a little horse vit goes a long way for dogs. We have 7small dogs that are like family. The meat we canned was chicken from Walmart(hind quarters) are cheap and can also be used by people. Also we had an old mule ( who was also like family) that died. We canned meat from her for the dogs. I know some will think this AWFUL. but people need to think practical. If people don’t learn to think practical they will not make it in these hard times ahead. If you can store up on vegatable seeds to plant. learn what wild plants you can eat. Around here we have nettle(steamed is good) cattails, learn about them, watercress. eat with some rice. buy more rice and beans. They don’t take a lot of room to store and they will taste pretty good and fill the tummy. Make sure to have salt. Trust in God, always thank God for what you have. So many people are always asking for more and forget to thank him for what they have.

  4. Brum

    Anybody else facing two separate SHTF scenarios? My after the fact SHTF, or SHTF #2, (pun intended) will be due to my “live for today”, prepare for nothing, IN-LAWS. My wife is one of five siblings, and her 2 brothers and 2 sisters (all in their 50s) refuse to even consider that trouble is coming. They are all fairly well off and could easily afford to prepare with the best of gear, expensive off grid self-sustaining land, and weapons of their choice, yet they prefer to eat, drink, travel, and party till dawn, with not one cent spent toward prepping. They think I’m paranoid, I think they are fools.

    Their money is all tied up in US stocks and savings accounts in banks with doors that can be chained shut to keep customers locked out. Their homes are located in, or within a few miles of, large US cities with “strike me first” written next to them on Chinese maps. One sister lives near the US Army base that stockpiles 80% of America’s chemical and biological weapons. Another lives just downwind of a nuclear power plant. I mention these facts as an example of how they all live in denial. My SHTF # 2 will be when the first and full blown SHTF happens, and my in-laws all gather their 23 family members and show up at my remote farm in the Ozarks. Anybody have any suggestions on preparing my wife to get over the shock of my turning her siblings away at our gate while armed with an AR10?

    1. Sweety

      I have the same challenge with both sides of my family. Yes, they even said the dreaded, “Coming to your house if it gets crazy”. As a team, my spouse and I said, “What makes you think we will let you in? Every bite I give to you is one less bite for my kids.” A few were angry. All were surprised. We were calm and explained that we are investing in our future, and that we would be happy to prepare with them in mind, too, if they take steps to prepare for us.
      I drafted a list of essential items that I would prepare for them and told them if they expected anything else, they better come with skills, gold or silver, medicines, etc. We explained nobody got in for free, not even family. I also said that we would bring these things to their house, if we were in a bind and needed a place to stay.
      We explained we would give them the shirts of our back in a non grid down scenario. It is important to differentiate between keeping the family bond and helping out if someone is down on their luck, and a SHTF scenario.
      Some told us to go to hell. Some offered us money to buy and store the preps. Only one got on board, but that is one more than we had on board earlier.
      Try not alienate them, explain that if they come to your place, it is your rules and not a democracy. Same thing goes if you are at their place, their rules. They can cut wood, dig toilet latrines, scavenge for medicinals, learn how to boil the water they carry from the lake . . . whatever. You cannot be everywhere at all times and it is great to have family who realize you were right and will take orders. If they do not follow what you say, hand them 2 days of food and water, and say “Good luck”.
      My biggest concern about family who are not on board is that they will tell everyone how “rude and thoughtless” you are, and now their friends are gonna get ideas and think they can come to your place, too.

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