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dontknowThere is one thing that the recent Ebola scare has shown the American people. As a result, it should scare the crap out of the general population.

Here it is – They don’t know what to do! By “they,” I mean the government.

The reason I say that it should scare the crap out of the general population, is because “we” already know this. We’ve seen the inability of those in government to do anything of real value. You don’t have to look too far. Just think back to congress trying to pass a budget. Do you remember when the government was going to “shut-down?” Do you remember the “sequestering?” Yeah, right! These idiots couldn’t make a decision if they only had one option available. They would form a committee to come up with a committee to find out why they only have one REAL option! That’s just a quick throw back… Anyone not seeing this is truly not wanting to see it.

The American people have become soft. Things used to not be like this. We were once a people that got things done! We didn’t depend on the government! But now, many couldn’t SURVIVE if it wasn’t for Uncle Sam every month! It makes many of us ask, “What has happened to America?”

I’m a fan of Martin Armstrong. He often says that there is no big conspiracy going on. The truth is that they just don’t know.

“The assumption behind any conspiracy theory lies the idea that people act according to the LONG-TERM expectations. Unfortunately, just as you will one day pray for hyperinflation and the easy way out of this mess without oppression, you will also pray that the conspiracy theories are real for that would mean there is some plan and perhaps we could negotiate reason. If there is no conspiracy and all we are doing is looking at the next trade or what has to be done to win a vote and the hell with implications long-term, then the outcome is far worse. That means we crash and burn and we lose everything. There is no giant conspiracy that will keep the structure intact. We are facing a structural collapse because there is NO plan – just knee jerk reactions.”


If there was ever a time to be self-reliant, now is that time! You really can’t depend on the government or anything tied to the government for any short or long term purpose! They are not thinking about your specific situation. They are not thinking about your family. Yes, there might be some well-meaning people in government, but the machine is too big and so complex that you can forget them really making a difference.
Am I giving up? No! But I, like so many of you reading this, want to sound the alarm to the unenlightened that they need to start thinking about their future beyond who is going to win the next season of Dances with the Stars! They need to take an active role in the things that their family needs to live and thrive in this uncertain future!

For example, one thing that I’m not planning on is retirement. Who made up retirement? Up until recently, I mean like in the last 100 years, no one retired. You worked until you couldn’t work anymore and then you died. Who made up retirement? It’s a nice thought. It’s kind of soft thinking… You work so hard for so many years, you deserve to spend your golden years sipping tea in Florida somewhere. I’m not planning on Social Security being there for me. It sucks that I have to pay into it. But such is the big government machine right now. But there are many out there who think that when they hit 65 or 67 or whatever age it is now, that they will get the golden watch and play shuffleboard for the rest of their lives. I don’t believe that future is going to be around for me. And, I’m not counting on the government to have it ready for me either!
Many believe that government has had most of the answers all of our lives. So if we can’t depend on the government, what should we do?

Families need to get tight – I’m blessed to have a close family. We all like each other for the most part. You should be able to depend on your family, there is a blood bond there! Families offer support and help in times of need. They are people you can trust. We need to get back to the place where families lived close by and helped one another.

I know that not everyone can do this. Kids have to move away for jobs, etc… But if you can, keep your family close. If you have to, let your aging parents move in with you. Get a big table, learn to eat together again!

There are some families that want to always kill each other when they get together. In that case, build close friendships. Friendships that go beyond co-workers or neighbors. Build friendships with people that you would want to hang out with all the time.

The purpose of family and friendships is to have a web of support that you can really depend on when things are good or bad.

Think about your food – If you can, you should be gardening. Any money and resources you put towards good soil and equipment is worth it and will pay dividends…unlike your savings account! Research gardening now! Try it now! Get some fresh vegetables now! Don’t always count on your neighborhood grocery store.

Think about rabbits and chickens. I know many of you reading this might not live in an area where you can have rabbits and chickens, but if you can, do it! Rabbits don’t actually make a lot of noise. So what you neighbors or Home Owner’s Association doesn’t know won’t hurt you. If you can have chickens, every part of the chicken can be utilized! The saying “a chicken in every pot” should really be a “chicken in every backyard!”

Pay down debt – Many people talk about this. But just let me say it again, this is not the time to get into a whole lot of debt. You should really think about big purchases. The best position if things go south will be to not owe anyone any money! That’s a good feeling to have!
Invest in tangibles – When you purchase anything, buy quality. There is something to say for having tools and necessary materials for when you need them. Also, buy items that you know you are going to need! If you buy items now, you will save money because you won’t have to pay future prices.

Think medically – Learn to treat minor health issues at home. With the cost of doctor visits and medicine, many people are not going to be able to afford to go to the doctor like they were used to. Learn about home and herbal remedies. Better yet, be proactive and live a healthy life, as much as possible. Do what it takes to get healthy: lose weight, eat and sleep right, take vitamins.

Get skills – Learn to swing a hammer. Learn to sew on a button. Learn to make some bread. Learn to can some extra vegetables. Learn to fire and clean a gun. Learn… They can never take away what you know in your head. Skills are valuable!

I feel I’m rambling. Here at 1250 plus words, I know that many of you who read this know all this stuff. The truth is, we need to get it out there to people who don’t know. We need to share this with our family, friends, neighbors, Facebook, etc… anyone who needs to hear about taking an active role in their future! They need to know that the government isn’t coming to rescue them in an emergency. The government isn’t coming to help when they lose their job and don’t have money to feed their family. Even if they are lucky enough to get government assistance, it won’t last long. Americans need to take responsibility for themselves!

I know that OPSEC will play a part in whatever you choose to do. But are there some things you can do to help spread the word? Sure there is!
Talk about personal responsibility. Talk about how you think the government is too big to make good, quick decisions. You can use the Ebola thing. Talk about how you are learning a new skill. Talk about how you are turning off the idiot box to make an effort to spend time with the family, or to exercise and get healthy or whatever. You don’t have to talk about PREPAREDNESS. Just talk about RESPONSIBILITY!

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