When They Come for Your Guns & 80% Lowers

069291_Recall_RRC_Todd’s Note:  The “frontier” was conquered a long time ago.  Some of you might say that the frontier could never be conquered, but just explored.  However, the spirit of independence that sent people Westward still exists in American’s today, even if it seems to be asleep.  This independent spirit molded this nation and even generations later, is hard to remove from the fabric of who we are.  Part of this spirit is based on our right to keep and bear arms.   Will THEY ever try a gun grab?  Will THEY try to crush our American spirit?  Many believe just that!  But will THEY succeed?  Not with the American spirit and ingenuity intact.

This is another guest post by Avalanche Emergency Preparedness Supply.  You might be interested in the previous article too, Black Powder Firearms for Survival.

Have you ever wondered why the tyrants throughout history were able to rule their subjects with an iron fist? Why didn’t the people stand up and fight for their rights to freedom you might ask? It’s because they were DISARMED. We the people, here in America, have had it so good for far too long….

The Anti-Gunners in Washington D.C. will stop at nothing to see our right to self defense taken away. These traitors know that once we are disarmed, they can run rampant and squash us like the bugs they think we are…. And to them we say, bring it on!

Gun confiscation is still being shoved down our throats despite lack of coverage in the media in order to eviscerate our means of protection from an out of control government.  This agenda has already been put in effect in places like Chicago for quite a while now. Those in the city are DISARMED. Today, there is a solution….. A free man will not ask permission to bear arms. We must fight back by any means necessary to preserve our freedom from enemies both foreign and domestic.

One provision in the Gun Control Act passed in 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 says that an unlicensed person may make a “firearm” as defined in the GCA for his own personal use, but may not sell or distribute said firearm.

Building a gun as an individual may seem like an impossible task at first,  but with a little bit of technical knowledge of firearms, it’s a lot easier than you think!

In the 20th century, citizens would build “zip guns” or pipe guns made with simple plumbing materials such as pipes, screws and end caps very inexpensively with just a little ingenuity.  Today however, we are able to build from scratch AK-47’s and even 1911 handguns.

One of the easiest modern firearms to build yourself today is the AR-15 sporting rifle.  Most of the parts can be bought right on the internet without an FFL. The ATF requires the stripped lower receiver to be transferred via an FFL to the buyer requiring a serial number and background check, etc. However, these regulations do not apply with an 80% lower receiver. Like the rest of the gun, this 80% lower receiver can be shipped right to your front door without an FFL.

Why is the 80% lower any different? A completed stripped lower comes ready to assemble requiring the buyer to only install a lower  parts kit and an upper receiver which are unregulated by the ATF. An 80% lower however, requires the user to mill out several operations such as the fire control group. For this reason, the ATF considers this a paperweight.

With just a few minutes spent reading a tutorial online, you can finish one of these in about a few hours with just some basic hand tools and a little patience.  Some manufacturers are even making these lowers out of materials such as polymer.  To finish one of these you just need a “jig” and a power drill.  This makes them really easy to finish, just mill out the holes on the jig.

drilling a lower

Once completed, your new rifle is completely off the record but still 100% legal for you to own. You will never need to add serial numbers, get a transfer from an FFL or even sit through a background check again. As you may have guessed, this will make the Anti-Gunners hopping mad.

The American people must fight to the bloody end to preserve our rights or lose them. Its our mission to make it very clear to those in Washington DC, The Right To Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.




About the Author: At Avalanche Emergency Preparesness Supply, it is our mission to bring you the best survival products at the lowest prices possible. It is our belief that regardless of  your income, you and your family deserve the peace of mind in knowing that you will thrive no matter what life may throw at you. In today’s world we face so much uncertainty from the steady increase in unemployment and a crippling economy to the devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. So whatever the situation may be, we believe in always being one step ahead.

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