Your EDC Must Have – A CCW Belt for the End of the World?

The Answer to your CCW Belt Problem!

I’m a big guy. I wear out clothes like nobody’s business. One article of clothing that I seem to destroy is belts. Because I’m a big guy and I like wider belts, I tend to purchase a few at a time when I find a good deal. But regardless of the brand, stitching, and price, the end result is usually the same. I destroy the belt sooner than I would like.  This usually includes CCW Belts.

This seems to have changed!

I was sent the Indestructibelt/ Daltech Force SuperBio to review. I really didn’t have much hope for it. But it is one piece of gear or article of clothing that has really surprised me! In fact, I liked it so much that I purchased a brown belt!

I’ve been wearing the belt now for over nine weeks, usually 6 days a week. I haven’t experienced any breakdown of the belt, stretching or any other wear. The only belt that I can compare it to is a leather belt that I purchased at a gun show a while back. That belt was made to be thick and rigid enough to handle the weight of concealed carry. It cost double the price of the Indestructibelt/ Daltech Force SuperBio and I could see wear on it not long after I purchased it.

The Indestructibelt/ Daltech Force SuperBio features:

  • 100% made in the USA by US Workers
  • High-strength, high-tech, tested and proven, leather-like textured polymer with an internal integrated nylon webbing with pull test strengths up to 4500 psi
  • Resists water, oil, dirt, chemicals, and harsh outdoor environments
  • Resistance to salt water (sweat) stress cracking
  • Has a lifetime warranty against defects
  • Cleans up with soapy water
  • Solid heavy duty stainless steel buckle
  • Belt is held together with screw fasteners for ultra-strong holding power

Can you conceal carry with it? Yes!  It is rigid enough and will hold up to the weight of your pistol.  This is something that I remember the late Paul Gomez discussing, early in my preparedness, when he talked about it in his EDC video.

To purchase an Indestructibelt/ Daltech Force SuperBio, visit — CLICK HERE.

See the PIC Review Below… You can see the value and sturdiness of this belt…

The Indestructibelt comes in a nice belt and packaging.

This is a view of both belts I mentioned above. The Indestructibelt is on the bottom.

This is a close-up view. Notice the wear on the top, more expensive, belt.

This is a close-up of the bottom of the belt. Again, notice the wear.

Both belts, utilize a screw fastener.

This is the Indestructibelt with a brown version sold by Daltech Force, a sister company to Indestructibelt.  It is not made of the same material as the Indestructibelt, but it is just as solid and rigid and at a very fair price!

Purchasing the Indestructibelt is a smart purchase!  You’ll be glad you did!


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